Stealth Panda

Stealth Panda Mission Log:

November, 2014:

A member of the OCAU Community approachedthe sites owner and manager, regarding building a custom, one of a kind PC to raise money for Panda’s Ear. The member put forth the idea, and was fully supported!
What happened next was nothing short of amazing, after collecting donations of part, and building the chassis, the PC was coming together.
System Status: Under Contruction – Classified



May, 2015: 

It flew its first undected flight from the Hunter Valley to Canberra for it’s 2nd stage of the mission, Body Armour layered with a special coating of heat deflecting paint, graphics that are as unique to it, as our boy is to us. It was expertly skinned. With levels of detail acheived, like have never been seen before. It was at this point Stealth Panda was born.
System Status: Classified


June, 2015:

Stealth Panda is moved under the sheath of night, back to the Hunter Valley, where SP receives visual upgrades, and new shielding.
System Status: Classified

July, 2015:

Stealth Panda, flew under the cover of darkness to Melbourne, for Systems Check, and Shakedown tests. After some minor adjustments, SP was performing with the best of them. Full tests of hardware, and stability and stress tests.
System Status: Stable

August, 2015:

Stealth Panda received cooling system upgrades to further lower heat signatures, and improve stealth performance. Rumours begin to stir in the public. Video here.
System Status: Stable



September, 2015: 

Stealth Panda is publically revealled. Video here.

Stealth Panda has already been on an amazing journey accross the country and back in some respects. Countless man hours spent hand crafting and hand painting all culminating together into a true work of technological modern art.

The OCAU community has worked together to touch our hearts, and helping support our little Panda, by bringing this project to life.

Stealth Panda has been built, from the ground up, by hand, to raise money for Panda’s Ear.
Inspired by the lines of the F-117, this one of a kind, once in a life-time Computer, is more than just a PC, it’s an unforgiving, in-your-face statement.
3 Radiators keep it chill… Intel i7 CPU make it fast… evga GTX780 throw stunning visuals! Mounted on a beautiful hand crafted chassis.


CPU: Intel i7 4770K
M/b: MSI Z87M Gaming
Graphics Card: evga nVidia GTX780
Hard drives: 1 x Samsung 120gb SSD & 1 x Intel 120gb SSD
Power Supply: Corsair RM 750
OS: 1 x Windows 7 Medialess Key
Software: Fallout 3, X-Plane 9
K/B & Mouse: Logitech MK710
Speakers: Logitech


Custom Cooling System:
1 x 360 rad in External Cooling Tower
2 x 240 rad in Main Chassis
1 x D5 Variable Pump
1 x EK Pump Head
1 x EK Supreme HF Cu Cpu block
1 x Watercool Cu Graphics card block
Custom Plumbing
4 x 120mm Enermax Fans “For Main Case Rads”
1 x 120mm Fractil Fan “ Back of CPU”
3 x 120mm Noise Blocker Fans “External Rad Tower”

This amazing PC would not be possible without the support from the OCAU community!

Gaming, Racing, Lego and Life…