So I decided my SNSES PC needed and update.

But what did I have laying around that would do what I needed, as well as what i wanted!?

I had this old Lenovo, with 2Gb RAM, AMD X2 4200 CPU, and an onboard 512Mb Radeon GPU. So, I gave it a test run to see how well it handled Emulation Station and zSNES, controllers etc. To my joy, it handles a good lot of Consoles, including N64, SNES, 32X, and Playstation.

But for now, I’ll keep it as a SNES box.

So after taking some (really) rough measurements, I cut the M/B tray down to size, and removed all the screw points from the console Casing.

After checking the fit of the components its time to work on the wiring of the Power, Eject and reset buttons.

The buttons are controlled by an old Controller, that I tore apart, and re-purposed to control the reset, and eject functions.

A little configuring with software, mainly so the system maintains joystick IDs.

So basically, you dont really see it, but the Power button, it just the ATX Power Switch. Reset, resets teh currently loaded ROM, and the Eject Button, closes the ROM and returns to the Emulation Station menu.


Thanks for looking yo!


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