GTA Life…

So I’ve been hitting GTA:V pretty hard lately with some mates. Learning the ropes as I’m pretty new to the whole GTA:V thing, but just generally fanging about, being awesome.

From Skydiving Adventures, to Heists, and Drug Runs, Jumping off stuff for the LOL’s. Chopper Rides, and general Shenanigans, we’ve had some amazing adventures.

Hope you enjoy our “commentary”.

BAD LANGUAGE WARNING – Some words are nasty!

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ChoroQ (Penny Racers) Fun Fun


Going to have a little fun with some more different styles of racing.

I’ve put an extra server up that’ll have some other, more uniqe or just plain different styles of racing. I’ll link some mods, and tracks, and we’ll roll on from there!

This mod is ChoroQ 1.12, Tracks are (Some untested with the Mod, we may get some weirdness, Stuck Cars etc.) basically a selection of Karting Tracks.
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