LEGO Adventurers

This is Lenny & Larry, LEGO Adventurers…

…follow them around for the next year or so, on Instagram here.

I am sending them on a world wide tour, hopefully in different directions, to see the sights, and return home sometime around Xmas 2018.

If you are lucky enough to receive, either Lenny, or Larry, please take a photo(s) of them doing something interesting, or seeing the local sights, and email them to us, or post and tag them on Instagram.

Lenny & Larry’s Rules: (Updated: 02-01-18)

  1. Please ask the recipient before you post to them. (Maybe send them a small thank you card or something)
  2. Lenny & Larry want to experience the whole world, think far and wide!
  3. Lenny and Larry may want to change clothes, or hair styles, they may pick up souvenirs. If you wish to swap a part of Lenny or Larry, please either replace with an equivalent part (Hair for Hat, Legs for Legs, etc.)
  4. You may ADD as much as you are willing to send away, but there must always be Legs, Torso, Head, Hair and one Accessory for each Fig. (Also, a base plate)
  5. Please keep the Information & Passport with Lenny & Larry. It’ll help people know what they are receiving.
  6. Their Adventure is planned for ONE year, I will put a post onto Lenny & Larry’s Insta page requesting their current holder to return them home, in Melbourne, Australia.
  7. Please keep the Minifig, the Passport, and This Sheet in the Ziplock bag. Any “Gifts” for your recipient should be outside this bag, and clearly marked.

PLEASE KEEP ALL PHOTOS IN GOOD TASTE! They will be posted publicly.

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