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Assetto Corsa Cruising

I’ve recently got back into Assetto Corsa, and starting to accumulate Mod’s, Cars & Tracks, to make it more like what I want it to be. I am still working on some server stuff before I start hosing Races etc, but so far I am just doing some test drives, and quick races to tweak performance/quality of the game.

Graphically is AC is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else IMO, and I hope to get the right set of mods, and utilities to create an immersive environment.

I intend to be hosting Standard Races, and some cruise type drives. Like, a Ferrari or Lambo Cruise of the West Coast USA (approx. 24km), or Black Cat County (Fictional Track made for AC), Pikes Peak etc.  I am thinking even a Reliant Robin Drive would be hilarious!

Anyway, check it! Enjoy.


GTA Life…

So I’ve been hitting GTA:V pretty hard lately with some mates. Learning the ropes as I’m pretty new to the whole GTA:V thing, but just generally fanging about, being awesome.

From Skydiving Adventures, to Heists, and Drug Runs, Jumping off stuff for the LOL’s. Chopper Rides, and general Shenanigans, we’ve had some amazing adventures.

Hope you enjoy our “commentary”.

BAD LANGUAGE WARNING – Some words are nasty!

Get GTA:V here.