rFactor: Round 8 – Queensland Raceway


Last night, we hit the track hard. Again, only the 2 of us, but with some AI as well. And one special AI set to learn. All 3 sessions were recorded, and are below.
After getting a drive through, Macfoo (Car #23) knuckled down, and thanks to bungled AI pit stops cruised to a comfortable victory over KillerSaint (Car #22) & the Recording AI (Car #222), I’ve made to make these awesome Videos!
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rFactor: Click-Clack Noise fix.


If you’re using the rFactor lite install, I have (for a long time) noticed a horrid noise on some circuits, in different locations. Turns out the the Crowd ambience file is wrong. Apparently this affect all rFactorLite installs.

So here is the correct working file: Download

Extract it to your [rfactor Install Folder]\GameData\Sounds\Ambient and overwrite the incorrect file.

You’ll need 7zip: Get it here

Gaming: Join us for some V8 Supercars Fun!


Each week, its my intention to host a V8 Supercars race, following the V8 Calender. These Race Events will be run (at this point at least) on a Tuesday/Wednesday Night, at 9pm. But Check here or our MotD when you join our Server, for any updates to that.
We have 2 servers running now, one is a open fun server, the other is for the Fun Championship.
Live maps and Game details/IP Address can be found on our LiveRacers Page.

Hope to see you on a Tuesday/Wednesday night!

Brickbuilt: LEGO Racing Transporter – Part 1


So earlier in the month, I did a post on some POV-Ray Renders of some digital LEGO creations of mine. I did how ever get the go ahead to have a shot at building the Transporter.

So away I went and produced my first two major bricklink orders. I made these orders with the specifics to build the two Race Cars. And what ever else the suppliers had that I needed.


And so within a few days the orders came, and I was ready to build!
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