Our Servers


We host a few rFactor Servers and now we are going to try and run a regular 2016 Championship on Tuesday/Wednesday Nights.


RSM V8 Supercars Mod (Linked Here)

We use both parts, the Mod** & V8SC 2016 Skins.

F1 VFR 2014 2.0 Mod (Linked Here)

Virtual Rallycross Championship Mod (Linked Here) – VRX Updated files: Download

**note: For anyone getting an RFM Mismatch on joining the RSM V8SC Server, I am not sure why this is happening, but here is the files from our Server: Download (Unzip to “rfactor\rfm\” Folder)

rFactor Lite Crowd Ambience Fix: Download
Extract it to your [rfactor Install Folder]\GameData\Sounds\Ambient and overwrite the incorrect file.

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