GTA:V Marathon Session

What started as a Saturday night of GTA shenanigans, turned into a massive 6+hour long GTA Bucket of fun!

So, come, join the Wacky Adventures or KillerSaint, Rage, Keggy, Xzempt, Porkybear and EroticBanana, as we take on Los Santos in all manner!

(Click below for Part II & III videos!)

We got up to PAX Chat (feat. Reece.), Identities, Supply Runs, Money Chat, Transformer Races, Bus Rides, Modders, Trolling the Trollers… If you shoot at us, you’re gonna have a bad time…

We did some missions, where we were locked in FPS mode while we attempted to take out a bunch of Garbage trucks. Then off to El Burrito for some carnage!
Back to El Burrito for a quick hack job.
And then off to Los Santos Airport to Steal the Titan… Rage and Xzempt decided to get drunk on the way to the job… Shit goes bad…
So, Steal the Titan… take two… because we fucked up the last attempt, we go again!

Then we partook in Skydiving, Sumos,  Bike Race, in the rain, locked to FPS View, a 4 Wheeler race, and finally a Dirt Bike race, with plenty of flips.

Thanks for checking us out!!

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