Assetto Corsa Cruising

I’ve recently got back into Assetto Corsa, and starting to accumulate Mod’s, Cars & Tracks, to make it more like what I want it to be. I am still working on some server stuff before I start hosing Races etc, but so far I am just doing some test drives, and quick races to tweak performance/quality of the game.

Graphically is AC is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else IMO, and I hope to get the right set of mods, and utilities to create an immersive environment.

I intend to be hosting Standard Races, and some cruise type drives. Like, a Ferrari or Lambo Cruise of the West Coast USA (approx. 24km), or Black Cat County (Fictional Track made for AC), Pikes Peak etc.  I am thinking even a Reliant Robin Drive would be hilarious!

Anyway, check it! Enjoy.