Brickbuilt: MOC Rescue Vehicle

It’s been a long time since I did an unplanned MOC. During the lead up to Christmas, I received, from my wife, a box of mixed LEGO from a local selling group on Facebook.

After sifting through the box for complete sets, I was still left with a lot of left over bricks, and fig’s.
In tub, were these two hands, probably from a set, so using these as a “base”, or inspiration, I started to build.

Below, are the shots of my completed Rescue Vehicle:

Hand’s and cockpit, with dish array’s for communications, and searching.

The Pilot. Let’s call him, Jim.

The Crane, Ladder, and Fire Extinguisher.

Piloting, Hand’s up!

Cruising to the rescue!

Just neat, and functional.

Thanks for looking at my weirdness!