LEGO: Christmas Village

Over Christmas time, my family does “advent activities”. Last year after our trip to LEGOland California, we’d bought some sets, a small Santa Claus diorama, and a few LEGO Baubles. So naturally, this year, we decided to go bigger and better, with our Christmas LEGO adventure. And so, we bought our first LEGO Winter Village set.
Below are some of the shot’s of our build. We completed the set as a family, together.

The Completed Toy Shop Set.

Close up of the Toy Maker, putting the Carrot on the Snowman.

Close up of the Children Minifig’s on Snowboard and Ski’s.

Close up of the Presents.

Putting the Star on top of the Tree.

The Light up room in the Toy Shop.

Caroler’s singing out the front of the Toy Shop.

The Scene.

Our LEGO Toy Shop.

The Santa Diorama we got from LEGOland in 2015, and the Gingerbread house we got from LEGO Online Store in 2015.

The Start of our Winter Village.

Thanks for Looking guys, and have a Happy Christmas, and a Safe New Year!