Brickbuilt: LEGO V8 Supercars Transporter – Part 4


So yesterday, I receive a Facebook notification that Holden Racing Team had posted a picture of my Transporter to their Facebook page. hrtfb-snipNeedless to say I was pretty chuffed.
And at time of writing the post has had a little over 900 likes, and many comments asking a about the Instructions, or where to buy the model.

Sadly, you can’t buy this model, but you can download the LEGO Digital Designer models, and the Stickers (to print) at the bottom of this post.

Here are some more photos with the current additions/changes I’ve made to the truck.20160719_063022721_iOSThe new HRT approved decals applied and cut to spec.

20160719_063109139_iOSI gave the Cab a couple minor updates, just added the lights on top, and the decals just to give it some character.

20160719_063218203_iOSTruck driver, having a nap in the cab. With a couple cans of Monster Energy drink by his side.

20160719_063225167_iOSThe extent of the cab.

20160719_063415726_iOS 20160719_063635625_iOSI altered the contents of the front trailer, as I decided to replace the fuel rig, with more of a control/timing station. I’ll do some more decals for timing monitors later. I also made a little headset rack.

20160719_063743069_iOS20160719_063822763_iOSThe cars also have decals to give them some zest.

20160719_063752164_iOSThe Loading Ramp.

20160719_063949414_iOSI decided to give the drivers unique, and individual helmet’s to give them a bit of character, and personality.


LEGO Digital Designer Models: Download

PDF A4 Sticker Sheet: Download

note: I have made some changes, some more significant than others during the build of this, and as such, the LDD models are the designs I created, and used to make this build, but be aware, alterations have occurred.

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