rFactor: Round 6 Hidden Valley


Only 2 racers joined this week. But fun was definitely had. We added 6 AI racers to keep us busy…
After a qualifying session dominated by Macfoo & Killer Saint, it was time to race.
MF (#23 Nissan) sat on pole, with KS (#22 Holden) sharing the front row.

After a poor start, KS, tagged from behind hit the fence. While MF sped off to build a comfortable lead. With bent steering KS put his head down and played catch up.

After 4 laps, and catching up to the field, KS starting to pass, one by one, with a little bit of a touch up to the AI that spun him on the line.

By lap 9, KS, had returned to second place, a mere 15+ seconds behind MF, who just surged out in front!
After maintaining a steady gap, MF pitted on lap 17 for tyres, all was looking good until, he was caught speeding in Pit-lane. And had to do a Stop/Go penalty the following lap.
This mistake allowed KS to snatch the lead, until KS, also had to pit. Back to the rear of the field again.

Both KS & MF pushed hard, and with 2 laps remaining the had reached the back end of the pack.
Each passed the 6 AI’s without too much trouble for a KS-MF finish.
With another few lap, I have no doubts Macfoo, would have passed KillerSaint, but time just wasnt on his side.

Check out the video below for KillerSaint’s recording

Full results here