Golf with your Friends


This game, is so damn addictive it just not even funny.

I was gifted Golf with your Friends by a friend on steam, and well, its one of the best darn gifts I’ve received in a long time.


The interface is simple touse, yet still currently well featured and tooled to be able to quickly start, or join games at your leisure. The game is still in early access, but I suspect that is due to content only.  The game engine, seems almost perfect, with very few glitches affecting game play, and you can quickly, get into a match with some buddies with ease.


With only 3 courses of 18 holes available, I felt that replayability would be an issue, and I was glad to be mistaken. Enough custom options can keep each outing different, and produce challenges you had not even considered. Like, reducing gravity to 25%, or Hockey pucks instead of Golf balls, just to give a couple examples.

Where I find this game really shines, however, is in the absolute ease of the controls with the mouse. It just feels so natural, but while not sacrificing any precision that you’d think would be neglected. I find it’s that perfect balance. I had a crack at the new courses in Beta the other day, and was not disappointed. The course difficulty has increased substantially, and I think is taking course design in the right direction. One feature I would love to see, is a Steam Workshop, so players can make and submit their own courses.


Golf with your Friends is easy enough for anyone to pick up, but difficult enough to keep players coming back in search of those hole-in-ones.

Get Golf with Your Friends here.