Brickbuilt: LEGO Racing Transporter – Part 3


Continuing from Part 2 I’ve made some decals for the V8 Transporter truck. I’ve based them on Holden Racing Team’s logo’s and sponsors.
It’s not a direct mirroring, but just a nod out of respect for the team.
So keep in mind, I am just a fan, inspired by Holden Racing Team. I don’t intend any infringements, or anything like that.

stickersAfter some fiddling around in Photoshop, I came up with some designs to print to adhesive paper (eBay special) and used my works colour laser printers to print.

ControlroomDecalsI decided to try to decorate the most complex part first. And was please with how the results came out.

TruckRearDecaledI then move to the largest (and hardest to place) stickers next, of the main trailer, and also, the HRT flags.

DecaledTruckStarting to come together.

IbleedredI placed the team mantra at the front of each trailer.

CarsNTruck1And finally the Car hoods were done too. I’ll probably do more with the sides and wings, but at a later date.

closeupcarsA little closer up.

Part 1

Part 2