Brickbuilt: LEGO Racing Transporter – Part 2


After some more waiting, the rest of the parts came, and I could finish my Transporter.
I still haven’t finished the build, as I am designing decals based on my favourite V8 Supercar team. so there’ll be a part 3 in the near future!

truckingerThe majesty of the truck… I’ll have to do a final part count, but I’m at about 1900 parts.

truckingIt’s length is a touch over 50cm, making the huge B-Double design stand out in a LEGO city.

cabextensionThe Roof of the Cab comes off, and it also expands, giving the Driver a bed. Also the Cab has a small Cooler, with 2 Can of Soft-drink.

fronttrailerloadedThe Front trailer loaded up.

fronttrailerunloadedThe front Trailer unloaded, it contains everything you see here…

controlroom… and here. Accounting for fuel pumping system, fuel barrel, upright trolley, control room, three crew member, and seats, pit stop sign, and a set of stairs to get in and out.

reartrailerloadedThe rear Trailer, holds the cars, pit crew helmets, brooms, 12 tools on racks, 8 spare wheels, 4 team flags, laptop computer, trestle table, spare engine, and engine testing unit.

carloadingrampUnloading the cars.

loadingrampUnloading the tools, and racks.

cars&driversThe Cars and their drivers.

cardashDetails of the cockpits, wheels, speedo’s and shifters.

unloadedFully unloaded.

To be continued…

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